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Past Events

altHAWC sponsors regional and national conferences, lectures, debates and seminars by prominent scholars, government officials and experts on various issues of interest to its members. It holds its annual conference in the fall.

The following is a sampling of some of HAWC sponsored events:




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October 4, 2015
4:30-6:30 p.m.

The Lalaounis Brand - Lecture and Reception
World Famous Lalounis Jewelry - the Inspiration and Artistry
Ioanna Lalounis, Director
The Lalounis Jewelry Museum, Athens, Greece


The Maliotis Cultural Center • 50 Goddard St., Brookline, MA

Jennifer Djaferis:

Erica Frangiadakis

June 29, 2014
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The Lalaounis Brand (World Famous Jewelry and Art) Lecture and Reception Tri-State Hughes Hubbard, NY, NY



October 18, 2014 Taking Care of Your Brain Capital (DC, MD, VA)
November 12, 2014 Making Your Message Resonate Capital (DC, MD, VA)
December 5-6, 2014 HAWC Annual Conference Capital (DC, MD, VA)




November 2013 20th HAWC Annual Conference Capital (DC, MD, VA)
April 2013 19th Annual Conference Midwest




3 March 2012 Fireside Chat & Movie Midwest

4 February 2012

What's Your Story?
Communication Seminar & Workshop





October 28-29, 2011

HAWC 18th Annual Conference
Life on Purpose - Make Every Day Count


October 6, 2011

Networking Happy Hour


June 29, 2011

Build a Terrific Wardrobe for Your Lifestyle


May 21, 2011

Seminar: Stress Management the Greek Way!


May 20, 2011

Reiki Presentation by Ellani Maurides

Great Lakes

April 3, 2011

The Greek Women's University Club
Twenty-third National Music Competition

Great Lakes

January 28, 2011

The Hellenic Language as a Carrier of Fundamental
Values Through the Ages


January 16, 2011

Post-Holiday Celebration of the New Year

Great Lakes




December 2, 2010 Hellenism In The Public Service Happy Hour with
Congressman John Sarbanes
November 13, 2010 17th Annual Conference - "Loving your Life, Living your Passion" Capital
January 27, 2010 Pursuing a Career in National Security (58KB PDF File)





November 7, 2009 OIKONOMIA: Women as Pillars of the Home
HAWC 16th Annual Conference
HAWC National
March 31, 2009 HAWC Networking Happy Hour (51KB PDF File) Capital
March 18, 2009 Everything You Want to Ask about the Real Estate Market Great Lakes
February 22, 2009 Constantine Maroulis in Concert Tri-State
January 19, 2009 What to Do When Life Throws You a Curveball New Jersey
January 11, 2009 Post Holiday Celebration of the New Year Great Lakes




Oct. 24-25, 2008 HAWC 15th Annual Conference on "Finding Your Path to Health and Wellness" Greater Miami
June 5, 2008 The Power of the Greek Goddess in the Greek Pantheon Chicago, IL
January 15, 2008 The Flame of Hope Concert Greater Miami




November 3, 2007 Shameless Self-Promotion: Skills for Success
Washington, DC – HAWC Fourteenth Annual Conference – A full-day conference focusing on the development of leadership and communication skills that are key to personal and professional success.
Washington, DC



  • “Today’s Woman:  Flourishing in the Midst of Change” – October – New York, NY –Thirteenth annual conference – A full-day conference that focused on how women are affected by changes in culture, health, career, relationships and finance
  • “First Amendment Rights in Turbulent Times”—May – Chicago, IL – A lecture by Professor Adam Samaha, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School
  • “International Development: A Tool for Conflict Resolution” –April – Washington, DC – A lecture by Andrew Natsios, Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University and former Administrator, USAID
  • Southeast Region Inaugural Event – April – Miami, Fl – A reception to celebrate the initiation of the HAWC Miami Chapter
  • “Women Waging Peace” – February – Washington, DC – A presentation by Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and Author of This was not our War: Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace,” on the impact of women on peace processes around the world


  • “Religion in Politics: The Impact on Today’s World”-November – Washington, DC – Twelfth annual conference – A full-day conference featuring distinguished speakers who debated the topic from opposing points of view
  • “Women in the Media” –September– New York, NY – A panel discussion by accomplished female journalists
  • Greek-American & Turkish-American Reception –September – Washington, DC – A networking event
  • “Cyprus in the EU: A Year Later” – May – Washington, DC – A speech by His Excellency Euripides Evriviades, Ambassador of Cyprus to the US, who examined the pros and cons of EU membership
  • “Harnessing Gravity: Reversing the Aging Process” –April – Washington, DC – A speech by Dr. Joan Vernikos, Former Director, Life Sciences, NASA
  • “Implications of U.S.-Greek Relations” – March – Washington, DC – A speech by Mr. Matt Bryza, National Security Council, The White House


  • “How To Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” – November – Boston, MA –Eleventh annual conference – A full-day conference, featuring experts in interpersonal relations
  • HANAC Presentation – May – New York, NY—A discussion about the community service programs of HANAC
  • “Wealth Management Begins with a Financial Plan” – April – New York, NY—A financial seminar for members and friends of HAWC
  • “A Post War Account of Iraq” – February – Washington, DC –A conversation with human rights activist Kathryn Porter regarding the conditions in Iraq and the attitudes of the Iraqi people towards Americans


  • “Times of Crisis – Women of Strength” –November – New York, NY—Tenth annual conference – A full-day conference, featuring a distinguished panel of speakers, who addressed how women handle various crisis situations – war and major conflicts, business and personal crises
  • Personal and Business Coaching Seminar –October – Washington, DC
  • Farewell Tea – July – Washington, DC— In honor of the departing Ambassador of Cyprus, Her Excellency Erato Kozakou Marcoullis
  • “Repairing the Transatlantic Relationship” – June – Washington, DC –A lecture by the Honorable Thomas Miller, U.S. Ambassador to Greece
  • “Cyprus in the European Union: A turning Point” –June – Boston, MA—A lecture by Her Excellency Erato Kozakou Marcoullis, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to the U.S.
  • “Women’s Health and Wellness” – May – Washington, DC – An all-day conference, at which seven physicians addressed prevention and treatment of the most common ailments that threaten women’s health
  • “Protecting Your Overseas Investments” – April—New York, NY – Afinancial seminar for members and friends of HAWC, on how to protect their investments
  • “Hermes and Tea” – April – Washington, DC – A fun event that included afternoon tea and a presentation by the Fashion House of Hermes
  • Lunch and Tour of the U.S. State Department –March – Washington, DC – A special event for the Board of Directors of HAWC
  • “Greek Literary Giants” – January – New York, NY – A lecture by Professor Liana Theodoratou


  • “America’s Image: To See Ourselves As Others See Us” – November – Washington, DC – Ninth annual conference – An all-day conference that featured foreign ambassadors and distinguished correspondents, who examined how America is perceived in various parts of the world
  • Pentagon Tour and Briefing by DOD Officials on “America’s War on Terrorism” – November –Washington, DC
  • “Investment Strategies in Today’s Market” –May – New York, NY – Lectures and workshop on diversification and protecting your investment in the stock market
  • “Planning Your Estate” –April – Bethesda, MD – A workshop for professional women on protecting their financial interests and understanding the new tax laws
  • “Women in Human Rights” – February – Chicago, IL – Eighth annual conference, on human rights around the world, including speeches by author Nicholas Gage and human rights activist Kathryn Porter
  • “Cyprus – New Hopes, New Prospects” – February – Washington, DC – A lecture and reception featuring the Honorable Androula Vassiliou, Member of Parliament and Former First Lady of Cyprus


  • “Not Even My Name” – November – Washington DC – A presentation and book signing by author Thea Halo
  • “Themes From Greek Mythology” – October – Brooklyn, NY – An art exhibit featuring the thematic work of a philhellene
  • Tour & Briefing of the Central Intelligence Agency – July –Washington, DC – By invitation of the CIA Director, a tour for 25 HAWC members of the CIA in Langley, Virginia, followed by a briefing on its operations
  • Membership Reception – March – Fort Lee, NJ
  • “Greek Women in the Arts”- May – Brooklyn, NY – An art exhibit and book sale, showcasing Greek American women artists and authors
  • “Future Intelligence Challenges” –March– Washington, DC – A reception and lecture by theHonorable George J. Tenet, Director of Central Intelligence


  • “Cyprus: Looking Toward the Future” –December – Boston, MA – A lecture by Her Excellency Erato Kozakou Marcoullis at Harvard University, followed by a reception
  • “If Not You, Then Who? Recognizing & Overcoming Our Fears & Inhibitions” – November – New York, NY – Seventh annual conference, business meeting and biennial elections – A one-day conference addressing complacency and issuing a call to action
  • Congressional Reception for Congresswoman Shelley Berkley – June – Washington DC – A reception to introduce the Greek American Congresswoman to the community at large
  • “Death & Dying” – March – New York, NY –A seminar to address the attitude of the Hellenic American community toward death and dying
  • “Silent Auction Fund Raiser” –March – Boston, MA – A fund raiser to benefit the Children’s Cardiac Fund and HAWC
  • Great Lakes Region Inaugural Event –March - Chicago, IL - A reception and presentation to celebrate the new region


  • “Images of Ourselves and Society: Is the Media Impacting the Way We Think?” – November - Washington, DC – Sixth annual conference and HAWC annual business meeting – A two-day conference examining the impact of the media on our lives
  • Women’s Health & Wellness Conference – October – New York, NY – A one-day conference on women’s health
  • “Celebration of the Rembetiko” – September – Boston, MA – A cultural and educational event to examine the origins and impact of the Rembetiko music.
  • “Hands Around the Capitol” – July – Washington, DC – A rally of 4,000 people to commemorate the Turkish invasion and 25-year occupation of part of Cyprus
  • “Women in Orthodoxy” – June – Tenafly, NJ – A panel discussion on women’s role in the Greek Orthodox Church
  • “U.S. Foreign Policy In Kosovo” – April – Washington, DC – A scholarly debate on whether the war in Kosovo supported the U.S. national interests in the region, held at the International Relations Committee Room of the U.S. House of Representatives, Capitol Hill
  • Congressional Reception – March – Washington, DC – A reception on Capitol Hill, for HAWC members to meet the members of the Congressional Hellenic Caucus
  • Tipper Gore’s Trip to Greece –March – Athens, Greece – The Second Lady’s visit to Greece, co-sponsored by HAWC at the request of the White House, as well as a luncheon in her honor in Athens
  • “Investing for Retirement” – February – New York, NY – A seminar on how to invest wisely in a volatile market
  • “The Omega Diet “ – January – Washington, DC – A lecture by Dr. Artemis Simopoulos on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet


  • “Beyond the Glass Ceiling” – November – Washington, DC – Fifth annual conference and biennial elections –A conference to explore the personality traits of women who have reached the pinnacles of their professional careers
  • “U.S.-Greek Relations: An Ambassador’s View” –November – Boston, MA– A lecture, at Harvard University, by U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Nicholas Burns
  • “Women of Substance” – October – Los Angeles, CA – A full-day conference celebrating Greek American women who made significant contributions to the local community and to their professions
  • “Investing for the New Millennium” – October – New York, NY – A presentation focusing on investment strategies for women to enhance their financial security in the new millennium
  • “Greek American Relations” –October - Washington DC – A lecture by U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Nicholas Burns
  • “U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Greece & Cyprus” – September – Washington, DC – A lecture, on the latest developments, by U.S. Special Envoy to Cyprus, Ambassador Thomas Miller
  • “Women’s Health & Wellness Conference” – May – Washington, DC – A full-day conference to explore prevention and treatment of the most prevalent women’s diseases
  • “Greek American Mother Daughter Relationships” –March – New York, NY – A seminar to examine the uniqueness of the relationships between Greek American mothers and their daughters


  • “Women & Power” – November – New York, NY – Fourth annual conference – A full-day conference to examine how successful women handle power
  • “Human Rights in the Near East” – October - Boston, MA – A lecture, at Harvard University, by human rights activist Kathryn Porter
  • “Greece and the European Union” – October – Washington, DC – A lecture by Greek Parliamentarian, Dora Bakoyiannis
  • Pacific Region Inaugural Luncheon –October - Los Angeles, CA – An inaugural luncheon for the Pacific Region honoring the lifetime contributions of a local Greek American woman.
  • Kathryn Porter’s Visit to Greece – April – Thessaloniki, Greece – The sponsorship of the visit of Kathryn Porter, a human rights and women’s issues activist, to Thessaloniki and her participation as a speaker at the Inter-Balkan Women’s Societies Regional Conference


  • “Empowerment Through Unity” – November – Washington DC – Third Annual Conference and first HAWC elections – A full-day conference examining the impact of the division that has existed in the Greek community from the days of the Greek city-states to the present
  • Reception for Mayor Avramopoulos –April – Brooklyn, NY – A reception to honor the Mayor of Athens, Dimitris Avramopoulos


  • “Empowerment Through Networking” – November – Washington, DC – Second annual conference examining the benefits of networking at all levels
  • “Women & Self Esteem” – March – Tenafly, NJ – A seminar and discussion featuring actress Olympia Dukakis
  • Congressional Reception – March – Washington, DC – A reception for our members to meet and greet the Greek American members of Congress


  • Annual Leadership Forum – November – Washington, DC – First annual conference
  • Fundraiser for Senator Olympia Snowe – July – Washington, DC


  • Inaugural Conference – November – Washington, DC – A conference marking the beginning of HAWC, which was initially called the “Joint Public Policy Committee for Hellenic American Women” and later officially named the Hellenic American Women’s Council (HAWC)